6 Signs of a Faulty Boiler and it Could be Dangerous for Your Health

A boiler is an integral part of your home and without it, you won’t have access to hot water or heating. However, it’s a very complex piece of equipment that requires expert attention and when a problem arises, it’s integral that you opt for the right boiler repair London. With this in mind, what six signs should you look for when identifying a faulty boiler?

Your Faulty Boiler Could be Dangerous for Your Health

1) No Hot Water or Heat

There could be a number of reasons why you no longer have heat or hot water. This can range from faulty thermostats to broken diaphragms and much more. Even something like frozen pipes can cause a problem with your heating and hot water, so you really will have to consider everything. If you are not getting one or either of these then it’s time to call Baxi boiler repair London.

2) Dripping or Leaking

A leaking or dripping boiler could be caused by the likes of a failed pump or pressure valve. Furthermore, corrosion is a potential issue and this means that pipes and tanks could become a problem. If the corrosion is only affecting one valve then that can be replaced but if the corrosion has spread through the system then you might need to call experts in Worcester boiler repair London.

Faulty Boiler Repair

3) Making Noises

In some instances, noises can prove to be a natural part of a boiler when in operation. However, strange noises that are unusual are more than likely going to indicate that there is a problem. A banging noise might indicate a pump problem while a faulty thermostat could cause a humming sound. If you have regular boiler service then you can keep these problems at bay.

4) No Pilot Light

There are several reasons why a pilot light might go out and this could be down to a fault thermocouple which is a common problem and this will prevent the gas supply from reaching the boiler. There might also be a build up of deposit within the pilot light. If you choose HK boiler repair London then experts will be able to take a look at the problem and rectify it.

5) Old Boiler

A boiler can last for up to 15 years but if it is older than 10 years then it could be worth replacing it. The older the boiler, the increased risk there is of experiencing a problem and that could mean that your boiler becomes dangerous.

6) Boiler Turns Off

If your boiler turns itself off then it could be time to consider replacing it. There could be a closed valve that prevents a flow of water while low pressure can also cause your boiler to switch off. This is a serious issue and is one that will need to be dealt with by a professional.

Boiler Repair London

If you are in need of boiler repair then it’s imperative that you call in the experts as soon as possible. A faulty boiler can pose a serious health risk as there is the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks, all of which can pose a risk to your property and your health.

Boiler Repair Service in London

When you choose boiler repair experts, it’s imperative that you choose a company who is Gas Safe Registered as this will ensure that they follow all regulations and laws when working on your boiler. What’s more, you should also choose someone who has an excellent reputation.

Choosing Worcester Boiler

Of course, ensuring your boiler operates correctly and to reduce the risk of problems, a regular service is a must. It will ensure that your warranty remains valid but it will also help to spot and deal with problems before they become serious. Furthermore, a regular service will help to enhance the lifespan of your boiler while ensuring it is in the best possible condition. This will reduce the likelihood of having to replace your boiler while making sure that it operates safely.