8 Most Common Boiler Problems with Solutions

When it comes to boiler repair in London, it’s imperative that you choose a professional company that can take care of your boiler problems and repairs. Boilers consist of moving parts and that means that there is always the risk of boiler breakdown in London. However, there are many common boiler problems that can affect your boiler, so let’s take a look.

1) Leaking

A boiler can leak and this is commonly caused by a faulty internal component. This could be a pressure valve or a pump seal but if left untreated then it could cause major problems. This is a problem that should be dealt with by emergency boiler repair London. While the issue is likely to be easy to solve, you should call in professionals to take care of the issue.

Common Boiler Problems in Piping

2) Low Pressure

Low pressure is another problem that you can experience. The pressure should be around 1.5 bars but anything lower than one needs dealing with. A leak or a failed component could cause this so look for obvious signs of water. However, you’re going to need boiler repair in London to get the job done.

3) No Heating or Hot Water

Losing either of these is a problem but it can be caused by broken system diaphragms and airlocks or low pressure and even a broken thermostat. You can check your pressure gauge to determine if low pressure is the issue and if so, you could attempt to repressurise it. Failing that, you should opt for emergency boiler repair London to fix the problem.

4) Radiator Problems

Often a build-up of sludge or air can cause heat to be distributed unequally. Many problems with radiators can be solved by bleeding them but if you are unsure as to what the problem is, don’t try to carry out any repairs yourself.

5) Lack of Thermostat Control

Your thermostat will allow you to control your boiler but if nothing happens when you attempt to alter the temperature or the timings then you’ll need to look into it. There are some checks that you can carry out such as replacing the batteries while you could move it closer to your boiler. If the issue continues then it is worth looking at the instruction booklet or getting in touch with the manufacturer.

6) Boiler Makes Noises

Boilers will make a noise while it is working but you will notice if any of those noises are unusual. This can include banging, gurgling or whistling. If you do experience these noises then this could be caused by air in the system or low water pressure while a build-up of limescale can also cause a problem. If this is the case then you will need to call boiler breakdown London experts.

Boiler Repair in London

7) Pilot Light Turns Off

Boilers that are older will have a permanent boiler light but if it keeps going out then the problem could be the thermocouple. However, there are other problems that could cause it such as a draughty or a deposit build-up. This is a fault associated with an older boiler so it’s worth calling a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

8) No Power

If there is no power, check other appliances and power in your home. If they are working, then check your fuse box. If you have not found success yet then you will need to speak to an expert as there could be a problem with the pressure or there could be a blockage.

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