6 Ways To Help Your Boiler From Breaking Down

6 Ways To Help Your Boiler From Breaking Down

1. Get An Annual Boiler Service

It’s important to arrange an annual boiler service we will identify any faults and  your boiler is running safely and efficiently.

A boiler serviced regularly will help detect safety issues early like incomplete combustion, water leaks, rust which can damage a boiler beyond repair and stop them becoming a issue or a bigger problem further down the line

The small cost of an annual service may help to save unnecessary repair costs and keep boiler running safely and efficiently.

2. Check The Boiler Pressure

Ideally, you want to see a reading of between one and two bars, anything below 1 will need topping up and pressure that rises too quickly or stays in the red will need the attention of a gas safe registered engineer for a boiler repair London.

3. Bleed The Radiators

Bleeding your radiators before the cold weather arrives, ensures your heating system will  running efficiently when you need it most. If the b bottom of your radiators remains cold when the heating is on this may show a build up of sludge in the system that may need to have a power flush carried out.

4. Installing A Magna Clean Filter

Corrosion affects all heating systems, magnetic filters to put a stop to this and keep your boiler healthy by collecting the sludge particles that can build up and cause damage to the radiators, pipework and internals of the boiler, installing a magnaclean will help prevent costly boiler repairs and water leaks caused by corrosion contact HK Boiler repair London today to book your repair.

5.Making Sure Your Condense Pipe Is Insulated

During winter periods when the temperature drops below zero, the external condensate pipe may freeze is unprotected,  This could lead to a blockage, causing your boiler breakdown However, there are a few ways to prevent the condense pipe frozen. Making sure its insulated with the correct lagging and the correct pipe size is essential.

6. Leave It To The Professionals

You should never make repairs on your boiler or gas if you encounter a problem with your boiler, don’t try and fix it yourself  contact HK boiler repair or if outside of London and a Gas safe registered engineer, If you’re worried about gas leaks, or can smell gas contact the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.

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